Followers, likes, comments

I want to write a post on followers, likes and comments in blogging.

Do you find it easy to get followers,likes and comments? What type of followers do you have? How well do they follow you or like and comment on your posts?

In short, what do you think about followers, likes and comments? You see some people with lots of followers don’t you? Or no followers at all, don’t you? What of comments and likes?

Tell me what you think about them. That will help me write the post I want to write.

24 thoughts on “Followers, likes, comments

  1. I mainly focus on content of my blog but I would love feedback as sometimes you just write and often people read and move on; so you’re not sure exactly what people are looking for, whether they liked it or not. It’s always nice to read feedback as it helps you to grow as a write. Thank you

  2. Being quite new, it has been interesting the progress that can be made when one is passionate about their writing or themes. I feel a buzz from the support, even though I have steadily had a few likes and fewer comments. Comments would add more interaction and feedback. I have enjoyed reading a wide range of posts and blogs with or without various features, both of which I feel attract lots of likes and comments. So which way to go? I think people have their own blogging style. Each day I learn from other bloggers and from clicking around discover how to navigate and get more involved in WordPress.

  3. I have discovered that as time goes on I get more and more followers for my blogs. I don’t have as much comments but I guess with time. The funny thing about following a blog is that on WordPress it is easy to tell who is following me however on Blogger my music blog has been seen over 10,000 times but I think none of these people except for a handful are following me. So in this case I do have the views and I am happy about that too.

  4. My blog is about Christianity so it used to get a lot of negativity that I didn’t care much for. I have since started blocking the trolls so the comments are fewer than they used to be.

    In all honesty, I am more concerned with views than anything else. As long as people are reading, there is a chance someone will be blessed by something I’ve written.

  5. It takes time to build an attractive blog and even more time for people to really follow it. For me, it’s always been pretty hard but I guess it depends on people too – some have instant success too!

    As regards to likes and comments, I’d say that likes are appreciable but they can never equal a comment – no matter how short it is. Comments engender discussions and that´s what blogging is about too. It’s not just “reading”, “liking” and “getting [more or less] famous”; really interaction and connection is the best aspect of it.


    • Thank you Guila. You say it well. Interaction that builds relationship is important but many people just seem to be moving on without being rooted in interaction and relationship/ connection..

  6. I found when I share, that I do not know whom the message is meant to touch…but I know that God uses us to share and reach people at needed times in their lives. I treasure all who visit and I always hope that a part of the creators love, embraces their hearts and spirits a beautiful way, from what we share, no matter if they take time to comment or not. Maybe we earn smiles from those who read what we share…that makes me smile to think about it. Keep sharing yourself and always be genuine and real in what you share! God bless!

  7. I have a lot of visits, less likes – especially on controversial topics (which is normal). I have followers with who I interact with (such as yourself) – and I have followers that seem to follow me without having read anything I have written. I wish stats were more detailed. – I often read in between things (like being on “hold” and am not always able to type a comment. I also can read and like (or not) faster than making comments. – Gosh I talk a lot 🙂

  8. My blog mainly focusses on food and travel. So most of my connections are from that niche itself.
    I have noticed that genuine comments only come when one is genuine enough and takes out the time to interact with other bloggers.

  9. Likes I could care less about, since many people just click like without reading. Comments are always nice to have, feels like you are actually “talking” to a fan.

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