Is she beautiful or ugly?

She was like a shining star. The moment I set eyes on her, my heart trembled. I had never seen a woman so beautiful before.My heart was full of admiration for her.

I longed to hear her speak.

“Her voice must be like that of a nightingale,” I told myself.

It did not take long before my wish to hear her voice was satisfied. She walked up like a queen to the podium and began to talk.

What I heard was not what I expected. I was dismayed. Her words were the opposite of her beauty. Before long she was booed and jeered. She left the podium in shame.

Her words did not match her beauty. The content of her heart was the opposite of her charming looks.

I heard myself asking: is this woman beautiful or ugly?



3 thoughts on “Is she beautiful or ugly?

    • You are very right. It’s like it took me a while to know Dehan Taylor was a lady. All along I took her for a man judging by the name (not common in my locality) until I read her about page.

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