Solidarity Support Challenge day 71

Hello! A pleasure to get to day 61 of our challenge. This means we are beginning the third month. Great isn’t it?

You are wonderful indeed. Yet, we are going to go even higher. We are strengthening the rules to make it as serious as it can be. You are all very serious and respectable people and I do not want to know that I brought you into something that is not serious.

Some people do not respond to the challenge everyday as they should. That is not serious and defeats the purpose. Some people are shabbily treated when their turn comes in the sense that only a few people visit them. This is not how it should be. We are all supposed to receive all the participants when our day comes. That is when you see thy beauty of solidarity.

Please, sweet friends, let us do this activity with seriousness. We gave our word when we joined. We are our word, aren’t we? It will help all of us. Indicate in the comment box below when you are done with this assignment. That helps in the follow up. If you are a bit in a hurry, just hit the like button so I know you came in the first place.

Here are our blogs and bloggers of the day:

59. Shivangi.

60. Alheri

Happy blogging to all!

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