Solidarity Support Challenge: the rules strengthened

Dear loving friends of Solidarity Support Challenge, greetings to all of you. We hope you are all fine. We continue to move on with our challenge.

We keep searching for ways to make it more and more enjoyable to all of you. We are strengthening the rules to make the challenge more serious and effective for all the participants to benefit.

As at this moment, it is hard to know who has participated in the daily task and who has not. But it is very important that we know. The success of this challenge depends on the respect of the rules and the main rule is participation.

If we all participate when it comes to some blogs of the day and do not for others, the whole purpose is defeated. It means some people are treated with honor and others shabbily. It doesn’t work.

We appeal to those who are too busy to keep up with this challenge to kindly withdraw until when they have enough time. Kindly let us know if you are withdrawing. We want the exercise to be a serious one for people who mean business.

We are looking for the best way to know who has participated and who has not. If you have ideas, kindly share with us. While we wait, please let us know in the comment box below  each time you are done for the day.

An alternative is to like the post which carries the day’s assignment. The likes will not give us an exact idea of participation but will be a good indication.


4 thoughts on “Solidarity Support Challenge: the rules strengthened

  1. I’ll have to withdraw too Romanus, as I can’t keep it up every day for all the blogs, like you said it creates an irregularity… This is a great idea and has connected a lot of people ☺

    • Your decision is welcome. We’ll miss you but I can understand. Thank you for all the time we journeyed together in this forum. Our doors remain wide open at any time you feel like rejoining the family. By the way, it is possible to withdraw for one session and join for another.

  2. Hello Ngobesing, in all honesty I have to say that I cannot keep up with daily actions and so I have to withdraw. The group you created has wonderful purpose and I hope it works well for fellow bloggers. I found it extremely difficult to go through blogs with interests so different from mine (religious, music, etc…) and give honest comments and I would find disrespectful to comment on each just “good read”. Maybe a split by areas would be much helpful so bloggers could follow/keep in touch with those who really interest them. Anyway, thank you for warm welcome to the group and wish you and everyone the best. I certainly appreciated your inspirational posts.

    • Thank you for being frank.I’ll personally miss you in the challenge but thankful that we can still continue to journey as bloggers outside the challenge. Many blessings to you.

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