Singleness of purpose

Singleness of purpose is the pathway through which you can shine in this world. How is this? Many people pursue too many goals at the same time. As a result, they disperse their efforts and end up not creating any impact.

To make your mark in this world, my advise is singleness of purpose. Choose one spot and start to dig there for the gold you want. Dig and dig, and keep digging till you hit gold.

Choose any area of human life that your heart goes for. Resolve to render your best service to humanity in that area. It does not matter whether others consider it a high or low level job.

Do it with dedication. Give it all you have; staying focused and not wavering. When setbacks or discouragement show up their ugly head, persist. This means keep on doing it even when it hurts and never give up until you can do it no more.

It will surprise you what fruits such unrelenting effort will produce.

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