How to manage your followers

Do you know how to manage your followers? How well are you managing your followers? Many bloggers do not know how to manage their followers. The result is there are bloggers with thousands of followers but who never manage to have ten likes or comments on their sites a day?

Why would you have one thousand, three thousand, four thousand followers but go for a week of blogging unable to get up to ten likes and comments on one day?

One reason is many of those who follow you do not click the follow button because they like you or really want to be your follower, but because they want you to follow them back so that they may have many followers. (I do not criticize anyone here as I do this myself).  The fact is, not all those who follow you care  about you. They follow you to follow them back.

What I have also discovered as I blog is many bloggers click the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button when they have not read the post, or when they do not know what the blog is all about. They are liking or following something they do not know. Why do they do this. Again, to attract these people to return the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ so that their stats may go up. Hence, do not deceive yourself that the so many followers you have are there for you. Many of them are following you for themselves.

Another reason people may have thousands of follower but do not manage to have even a few comments or likes is we do not manage our followers well.

You can turn this around. If you manage your followers well, you can transform the passive or non-committed followers into active, committed followers who will actually be reading and liking your posts. WordPress wisely advises us to manage our followers.

What does it mean  to manage your followers? How do you manage your followers? What does it take?

The first thing to have in mind is it does not suffice to have followers. We have to manage them; and to manage them means to do what will make them continue to like and follow us actively not passively.

The main strategy in managing your followers is to hold their attention as much as you can. This means being present to them. When you comment on a follower’s site, you are present to that follower. It is hard for your comment not to be returned. Of course, someone may return your comment but still will not visit your site. Here, I recommend that you extend an invitation to the person to visit your site. It could be an invitation to visit a particular post and give you their opinion on something specific.

The long and short of it is you manage your followers by following them and making yourself visible to them through your likes, comments, sharing, reblogging etc and tweeting their posts.It is not enough to have followers. You must learn to manage them.Just like it is not enough to have money. You must learn to manage it well before it can bring any good into your life.


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  1. Excellent point! I am guilty too. But, as time goes on I am trying to connect with the blogs of my followers and comment on my favorites! In turn it seems some of my followers are reading and commenting. It is a slow process but to go from no comments to the 4 I received yesterday – I believe shows that when I put in the effort so do others.

  2. Managing your followers seems to businesslike. I try to converse regularly with both those that I follow and those that follow me. I like to get to know each bloggers personality, what drives them in life, where they are going and trying to lead me. This takes an enormous amount of time, even when you only have a few dozen followers. It often does not leave enough time to create my own blog posts, but I will persevere.

    I do have one tip. If you have to be away for a while, don’t attempt to read all of the blogs from people that you follow. Look only to the most recent entries.

  3. NOW! HOW U LIKE THAT! MY BROTHER TO MY RESCUE! Yes! I mean to shout it to the roof tops. Why not?
    I been suspecting this situation. I some times comment with the question, ‘What is it that you find awesome about the post?’ and? I get no response but?
    Some times? I do manage to get at least the beginning of a connection then? No hear from them anymore!
    Well? Like I said, I figured people were not quite reading what was written except for a hand full, including you. So?
    I been wondering what to do about the matter and? As it is my habit now? I recently asked our Father/Creator to show me the way. His answer? He send it to me via this post! Now you know why I am shouting with glee! Always do when Father answers me!
    His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia

    • Thank you for sharing what’s in your heart, Thia. You are right. Many people don’t read a lot of the posts they ‘like’; and that includes me. One thing I think can help to get more people read our posts is to write them short. It is true that some people like reading the long posts, but from my experience, the short ones are more favored. Another thing is there are some subjects on which there are different views. If a cultured person does not like someone’s views on a subject, they may not tell the one outright that they don’t like it. They will respect the one’s views and let them go on especially on subjects that can spark an outburst of emotions; but to encourage the blogger they may click like or they comment on the aspect which they see as positive and say nothing about what they do not like. It’s quite complex.It’s nice we are talking about it for a better and more fruitful working together. I published a post a few minutes ago titled ‘An understanding blogger.’ Let’s continue to share. This may help us improve how we operate on the blogosphere.

      • Exactly my sentiments. I am now posting a very unique post in . Again? One of my lonngg ones but? I have come up with the idea of making ebooks or pamplets out of those long posts, perhaps that works.
        Regardless, Father is leading us all the way. As you read the post for today, perhaps it will encourage you further in this journey of ours in the Presence of our Father. Later, 🙂

        • Thank you. Let’s keep going. If we do what we should do and know that we have done what we should do, our task ends; and there should be joy in our hearts that we have done what we should do. The rest is that of He who gave us the assignment.

          • Touche! I posted in Maybe you’ll be the only one to read it & connect with the Spirit within my being? Perhaps. Perhaps though? Father surprises me otherwise! lol
            I am truly enjoying this blogging ride! It’s my gift from Father Himself! And I do sincerely appreciate it all.
            BTW My baby granddaughter just got married and? Was able to participate in the wedding via Skype. My oldest is easing her way to my side. She will write a chapter on their childhood memories for my soon to be published A Mother In A Dysfunctional Family. Me? Holding my breath at the sight of Father’s doings. Hahaha! HalleluYah! 🙂 Hope u have time to read & reflect if only for my sake. lol

  4. Very well said Sir, Do good to others if you want others to do good to you. In simple words if you want interaction on your blog go out and have your presence felt on fellow bloggers blog. People do revert back I have experienced it. 🙂

  5. Your piece is honest and helpful. For me it has been a process of building confidence in myself, and as I do, I use my voice, and interact more and more.

  6. That is what takes so much time! when you take it seriously then you read what you like (which I honestly do). Unfortunately, I have not the time anymore to leave a comment everywhere. But I try to in order to prove that I read it and to honor the blogger for their effort… because I too would love to be taken serious as well! I only follow as many blogs as I hope I can handle. That’s why I had to stop following new blogs… which I regret, but I am only one person!

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