Stop worshiping a dead God

There’s joy in my heart;
My God is alive
Putting smiles on my face.
My God is a living God,
Not a dead God;
What of yours?
Mine puts joy in my heart;
Can you see how my face shines?
It’s all His doing;
He does it for He whom He decides;
I did not say He whom he likes;
I said He whom He decides;
He likes everybody.
And as He’s done it for me,
He’ll do it for you.
He’s a living God;
Not a dead God;
Stop worshiping a dead God!
Worship a living God.
Go to Him as I did,
And ask Him as I did;
He’ll do it for you.

4 thoughts on “Stop worshiping a dead God

    • Thanks for sharing this. Can you throw more light. Is this word in your language? God has different names in different languages. In my language he is called NUI. In French DIEU.

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