Week End Writing Trigger 2

Welcome to Week End Writing Trigger day 2. This is for solidarity bloggers However, anyone who is interested may participate. Remember to identify yourself as a solidarity blogger by placing the solidarity logo on your site. It is found on the sidebar of this site on your right. Follow the instructions given.

TRIGGER: For today’s trigger, write a post on your site which brings out the idea in the proverb ‘One finger cannot remove meat from a pot.’ This is the same like saying ‘One hand cannot tie a bundle.’ Or ‘One finger cannot remove lies from the head.’ Working with others in a team is better than working alone. Do you know anything which has happened which proves this? Write about it. You may also write purely from your imagination.

Notify us when you are done and give us the link so that solidarity bloggers may all come and read it.

Thanks for participation and happy blogging!

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2 thoughts on “Week End Writing Trigger 2

  1. I have registered to be a solidarity blogger, but can’t seem to attach the logo to my site. I have completed my post Week End Writing Trigger Day 2. The title is “Listen: A Small Voice is Talking” on kindergartenknowledge.com
    Thank you! Pat

    • Thank you. It’s great. You can start to participate in the solidarity challenge. I’ll see that the logo works. I’ll introduce you to the community on Monday.Welcome.I’ll also read “Listen A Small Voice is talking.” I’ll encourage other solidarity bloggers to do same.

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