What a big a risk!

It was at the last minute
That he was saved;
Can you believe it?
He could have perished.
Only by millimeters was he saved.
What a big risk he took!
Thank God he got the truth at last;
Believed it and was saved;
He had been in a daze for years;
Roaming about in the wilderness;
At the last minute;
And I mean the very last minute,
He got a spark of light;
The work of the Holy Spirit, for sure;
And the truth dawned on him;
That was how like Martin Luther
At the very last minute he was saved.
Thank God he was saved!
After everything, he was saved.
The risk had been too big;
Senseless; and unnecessary;
You don’t do that;
You don’t give in to the devil that way;
You don’t risk everything that way;
You don’t take such a big risk;
It was too big a risk to take;
You don’t play with your soul;
Play with everything but not your soul.
It was too big a risk.

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