Hello everybody! I have been…

Hello everybody! I have been talking with some friends about money, riches and happiness. A lot of them talked of riches only in terms of money and said they would be happy if they became rich. There were those who argued that money is not all there is to riches; that friends are the true riches of life and that there are many rich but unhappy people. If you have an opinion to share on this, you are welcome.

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  1. Completely agree that money cannot buy happiness – that comes from love, family, friendship. But to have no financial security is a worry and can be a drain on your happiness.

      • I agree with the concept of what you give away you get back tenfold x

        What I find hard is not being able to help my family more, financially. I truly believe it does you no harm to struggle, in fact makes you a better human being and makes you appreciate more.

        My dear husband works so hard – as do I, but I don’t need anything more than I have, I would love to have the money to treat him more and for him to visit his parents abroad more frequently x

        • I think if we all saw money as you do, money would not be a problem. But many people think it is a god that must be worshipped. And we give too much importance to it even when it is earned through unscrupulous means. That is one of my worries. Is a billionaire who has cheated, frauded, exploited the weak to become a billionaire to be regarded as a great person?

          • Completely agree. Money to me, is a necessity, to feed and look after my family. I always find that when I’m struggling, something always turns up, even if it’s just a ten pounds note in a coat pocket. God does provide when needed x

            Have a great day 😊 x

  2. Money is what you need to live with. Not what you need to live for. No riches are as precious as the feeling that we get when we are sharing some quality time with our family or friends. But the true treasure in life is knowing oneself so well, that no stray comments on how you are or some baseless rumors can hurt you. Living life to the fullest and loving what you do is the best thing that can happen to anyone. That’s what I think…

  3. Great post again.
    Money is certainly not evil, money is a great, our love of money is what becomes our downfall. When we will do anything and everything to grab more money. We are in big trouble. Most humans can learn to be happy in all circumstances. That is the crazy part, if we have not known rags to riches in our family tree. We can be quite happy with little or nothing. Tolstoy was going nuts trying to figure out why his slaves, serfs, were so happy all the time. He gave them little. It kept bothering him and he wanted to know why they were happy, so we went and lived among them to see what their lives were truly like. His family thought he had gone nuts. He found true happiness without pockets bulging with money.

  4. I agree with mbrockbank2016, but we cannot idolize money.
    As soon as we become money worshipers, our happiness is gone.

    Nice post and thanks for sharing,
    Lucas Palhao

    • I like the line “As soon as we become money worshippers, our happiness is gone.” I remember a story I read about someone who used to worship his money. He bought a giant safe where he stock-piled his money and would go in there and worship it and feel happy.One day when he got in there, unfortunately the safe-door automatically closed and he could not get out. When they searched in vain for him the people invited the manufacturer of the safe who came and touched a button and the safe opened just to find the man spread on the money dead. Money-worshippers beware!

    • I think you are right. I have heard about very rich people who committed suicide. It’s incomprehensible. We all run after money and why would someone have all that he needs and commit suicide?

      • I don’t know. My brother committed suicide years ago so there is a lot going on sometimes besides money, either too much or too little.

        Reminds me of a poem, “Richard Cory”, by Edwin Arlington Robinson

        The point there is that money and every refinement just can’t ensure we have inner peace.

        • I do agree. We have missed the point of money haven’t we? And yet there is enough to go round. Why is greed gripping some people so much? Why do some people want to be rich alone? Why do some people exploit others to be rich? Why all the cheating to be rich? Why all the madness about money? Why all the trouble that money bis causing in the world?

  5. I know they say money can’t buy happiness, but being able to pay the bills would be a stress reliever. In this sense, money can buy happiness as your frame of mind can be greatly influenced by the amount of stress you experience.

    Either way, I would just like to keep the bill collectors at bay.

    • You definitely have a point here. If the bills remain unpaid and you go to bed with worries, you definitely will not spend a happy night. It looks like when people are unable to get money the say money cannot buy happiness.

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