Tribute to Wildflower Women’s blog blogger

Owner of Wildflower Women’s blog;
You are so special;
Great tribute to you;
You are unique;
I mean very different from others;
You do not visit sites because they visit you;
Your site has never been opened to me;
Which means I have never visited you;
Yet you have never stopped visiting my site
On a daily basis, reading and liking;
This means you visit
Not that I may visit back;
You simply value what I write;
Perhaps you read it all;
You’ve made yourself great
By my estimation;

2 thoughts on “Tribute to Wildflower Women’s blog blogger

    • You are sweet. Thank you for this chance at last to tell you this. I have longed for it. You definitely have your reasons to act behind the scenes but I am just happy communicating with you now.

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