Daily Chat Forum day 3 – inter-racial, tribal or country marriages.

Inter-racial, cross-country, inter-class marriages.

Would you accept to marry someone from a different country if you are still unmarried? Or would you accept that your son or daughter gets married to someone from a different country? What reasons for or against?

There are some people who insist on marriage only to people of the same community, tribe or country or race. Others say love has no boundaries. What is your stand?

Some people in high positions will not tolerate their son or daughter marrying someone from a lower class like a peasant boy or girl.

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24 thoughts on “Daily Chat Forum day 3 – inter-racial, tribal or country marriages.

  1. If thy both trust each other have faith in their relationship and are loyal love would find its way,need not China or Japan let it be any continent.. And I don’t feel u just fall fr it with one or few meetings,rather u get to know properly.. N fr tht d distance doesn’t matters once u have set ur goal to b together forever.

    • Thank you George. Your position is clear. You are a child of the world not limited by geographical or racial boundaries. We pray for more people like you in the world; that our world may grow into one.

  2. i personally feel,married or not,living together or apart,what it actually matters is love faith and trust that exists between the two.. If any one fails it’s hard to get along..

  3. That is a tricky one. I have no qualms about race or culture when it comes to romance as I believe that you should always be open minded. However what would put off an international relationship would be the logistics of getting it physically to work. I didn’t have a good deal of success in a relationship which was with a girl about 70 miles away, so lord knows how it would go if we were in different countries, then of course it opens up the who up roots and leaves their home behind, theoretically of course I don’t object, I think the logistics would put me off.

  4. I think I will be comfortable in marrying any girl out there, irrespective of her nationality, caste, colour, creed, or religion. The only thing that matters is that my partner should be a human being with her humanity intact.

    • It looks like in some countries you cannot marry someone who is not of your class. For instance a peasant girl marrying a prince. I have seen this in films. I wonder if this is actually still practised in some parts of the world.

      • It very much is, but I guess it has to do with personal choices. It’s as real as race discrimination in areas other than marriage. It is no secret that people of different cultures and lifestyles could think and act differently and have different belief systems, but that necessarily mean that they can’t accept those differences. What’s most important is respect, understanding and acceptance. If there is respect for the partner’s beliefs, there wouldn’t be an issue. The intolerance arises because people want others to agree with them and see as they see rather than let differing views exist, ridiculing or dismissing another’s culture or beliefs, however subtle, can cause a lot of issues to arise. I guess that’s why people might prefer to marry within a certain community. However we will truly be proud of our society when we stop staying in our comfort zone and go and accept and respect all cultures and belief systems without having the need to influence oneself or others.

        • Thanks for taking time to share on this. I have read your views with keen interest and share many things you say. It makes me laugh when some people call themselves royal blood and cannot marry peasant blood whereas all are created by the same God. And at times the ordinary blood is more royal in behavior than the royal blood.

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