Protect your dreams

How well protected are your dreams?
Never leave the door open;
Beware of dream-snatchers!
They are all over the place;
So too are dream-killers;
Don’t be surprised if they come along
To snatch them from you;
Or, if they want to kill them altogether;
Let no one kill your dreams!
Protect them! Protect your dreams!

11 thoughts on “Protect your dreams

  1. its inspirational and i have felt the urge to protect my dreams since many a times i have faced my dream being snatched from me due to keeping the door open 🙁 I have been very frank and open person and never hide knowledge, i believed in sharing. But found myself being ditched for the generosity 🙁 Now i have changed and feel more alert whenever i talk to anyone 🙁

    • It is very important to keep the door to your dreams closed. There are people who cannot think for themselves and are waiting for others to think so that they steal. Reaping where they did not sow.

  2. I pray over my dreams, and then sleep well. If the dreams come, they are from God. I don’t always remember them, but those I do remember, I pray about, because they are worthy of praying over.

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