We are wired to win

If others are winning
Why not you and I?
We were created by the same God;
And well wired, like them
To win;
Why then should we not win?
Nothing that I know stops us
From coming out on top;
Except the excuses that we give
We are wired to win;
Let’s win!
We have what it takes to win;
Let’s win!

9 thoughts on “We are wired to win

  1. Hi Eva, I read your story and i was wondering how on it someone can survive that! Thank you for your bravery. I didn’t see where to comment on your site, sorry Romanus I have to do it here:-)

  2. @ngobesingromanus I tried sharing your blog on twitter but for some reason it didn’t work. Just letting you know your twitter button not working properly 😣

  3. In able to call ourselves winners (which I totally agree with you) one must have a true connection with one’s divine muse, proceed it, and carry on it’s territory. Like in the book of “War Of Art” by Steven Pressfield says “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s territory is the gym. If he was the last man on earth, he would still go to the gym. Why? Because that’s what he loves and that’s what he is good at, that is his territory… What is your territory?” Damn I love that book! Lol

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