Dive deep

If you want to enjoy
The wealth of the ocean,
Stop floating at the surface;
Not much can be found there;
Go beneath;
Real treasure lies deeply buried;
Dive to the bottom;
And scoop up its wealth;
Do not be a chicken
That scratches the surface
For insects, worms and grain.
To savor the content of a book,
Read beyond the first few pages;
Dig into it;
Thus goes the world;
Dig deep in to relish the beauty,
The wealth; the treasures
Of the world.

2 thoughts on “Dive deep

  1. The human is really rather quite lazy. He goes by the first glance, whats on top? Not cream, if it’s a barrel of rum. What might be just below the surface? We don’t take take the time to look. The treasure is never sitting at the surface, just garbage Layers of knowledge have to be gained if we want the prize. Hard work turns time into gold.

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