New Bloggers Weekly Meet

A you a new blogger? Did you recently create a blog or have a blog that’s been running for just about a year or less?

New Bloggers’ Weekly Meet is your opportunity to meet and draw strength from one another. ย An error never to make in life ย is to try to go alone. When you journey as team, you generate and draw a lot of energy from one another.

Here, you shall be guided and provided opportunities to draw strength from solidarity power.

Give your name, blog title and Url in the comment box below. Say how you find this idea and if you are in or out.

The only rule here is meet once a week as a blogging group to exchange ideas and support one another.

Are you in this or out?

44 thoughts on “New Bloggers Weekly Meet

  1. Name- Dr.Sridhar
    Blog Name- Philosophy through photography
    Hi,Greetings from India,land of diversity and spiritualism and the land famous for philosophical thoughts.Through my blog I would like to share my thoughts on philosophical angle of the photos I take. I am sure I am going to have wonderful and lovely interaction with all of you.
    Thank you so much Ngobesing Romanus,for inspiring and encouraging all of us.

  2. Hi All !!!!
    I am Prajakta Pendharkar. I started my blog in August 2016. I write articles about my musings, poems, stories, travel accounts and recipes. Here is the link to my blog
    I really hope you guys like it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Eagerly waiting for some constructive feedback from all you wonderful bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Everyone! I just put up my site a few weeks ago and I am new to blogging! My content consists of photography, pieces of creative writing, as well as writing about my own health condition in the hopes to reach out to those that have similar health issues that hold them back in their own lives and by that hoping making one another feel like we are not alone in this world with our struggles. Click my About Me when going to my site to see more of my story.

    • You are welcome to the community. I hope you will find lovely people to journey with here. Why not say hello to someone near you. Friends are gold. Some friendships last for life; and are so sweet; and start with just a ‘Hello!’

  4. Hello, I’m Kim I’m a romance and crime fiction writer. I started my blog in April as I’m about to be a published author. My first novel will released in September this year. I’m blogging about my journey/experience of writing a book and becoming published, as well as other random life experiences and wordpress daily prompt blogs on word prompts that mean something to me.

  5. Hi Romanus. Our blog has been going for a bit more than a year, but we are interested in your group. Our blog is about advocating for children and supporting their carers. Names: Kirsteen and Sarah (from New Zealand) URL :” Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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