Love’s fast ones on all

Before I met my sweetheart many years ago,
I never knew the real nature of love;
Never did I know it could be so sweet
And so bitter;
Sweet at some moments;
Bitter at others;
Have you had your sweet moments of love?
And have you had your bitter moments as well?
Such is the duality of love;
It brings joy;
And it brings pain;
When the sweet moments come,
Hardly do we know that’s not all about love;
And when the painful moments come,
We know not that the joyful ones are waiting
Right at the corner,
Ready to pop in.
Love plays fast ones on everyone.


One thought on “Love’s fast ones on all

  1. Love is all-encompassing, isn’t it? You can ride it to life’s highs and fall from it to the depths of pain. Sometimes it feels like too much to handle.

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