More powerful than money

Many people consider money a powerful weapon
Don’t they? And indeed, it is;
But it is not the most powerful weapon;
It is a very powerful weapon, though;
As it can do and undo; open several doors;
Pull down walls; pull down mountains;
Yet, it is not the most powerful weapon
In the world; far from it;
There is a more powerful weapon;
And I know you may say it’s love; or faith;
Or people; I do not deny;
But this is not what I have in mind;
What I have in mind is truly more powerful
Than money; it is the A B C; the alphabet,
The 26 letters that make the English language.
And the figures 0 to 9.
They can enable anyone who uses them well,
To get anything they desire:
Money, property, love, joy, can’t they?
They can give you the words
That will give you the sentences
That will open any heart to you;
That will get anyone to do what you want;
And this includes giving you money.
Isn’t it more powerful than money then?
Indeed it is; the alphabet and 0 to 9;
Much more powerful than money.
Thus, a life spent learning how to use them,
And using them in the best way
Can place you on the heart of other men;
And get a place for you in heaven;
I have no shred of doubt;this is
The most powerful weapon in the world;
More powerful than money.

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