Solidarity Support Challenge day 80


Hello sweet Solidarity bloggers! This round of our challenge is drawing to an end . It should be over in a week. We definitely have not been perfect. Forgive the shortcomings. If by some oversight you have not been listed for this round, please do let us know so that we can do it before this round rounds off.

We do appeal that you begin to think about how we can improve on our working in solidarity. Don’t forget this belongs to all of us – support me, I support you. I haven’t seen the logo on many sites and wish to request that we appropriate it and be proud to belong.

We have two sweet bloggers listed for today as usual. Let’s do as we have always done. The positive comments that many of you write keep me in the highest spirits. Thanks a million and don’t relent. Let those inspiring words from you make my heart glow.

Here you go:

30. nananettie1969

31. Lifehelps

Happy blogging!

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