Daily Chat Forum No 8. Marital squabbles

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed. Why is it such a hell for some people? What cause the so many squabbles in marriage? What influence does the way husband and wife live have on their kids? Let’s talk about.

5 thoughts on “Daily Chat Forum No 8. Marital squabbles

  1. I always say marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured! several reasons can make a marriage turn sour; a marriage where there is no tolerance or better still compromise is bound to get sour at some point. Two unique individuals with different upbringing will definitely have differences so both parties must tolerate and love sincerely. Finances sometimes could be a major source of happiness as well as unhappiness, so it all depends. The counsel I got before marriage was not to attach too much importance to finances in fact let it not matter. This works for me:-)
    This is an interesting discourse!

  2. I just believe that our culture is more about self than anyone else. It is very hard to have a healthy, happy marriage when one or both parties are self-centered, selfish or otherwise focused. It takes commitment, truth, communication and compromise. That’s work. The culture today promotes more intense work on your career than it does on your marriage. The cost of rising to the top includes sacrificing your relationship. Extra hours for the great dollar bill and accomplishment has replaced family time and that includes families without children. Once you marry, you become a family. Just my thoughts.

    • Your thoughts are very sound to me. I like you to say something about those spouses who want the other person not to spend much time on their career but when the person finally succeeds they who wanted the spouse to pend time only on the marriage will be the first to be proud of their spouse who has made it big.

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