I want to know why

I don’t understand why;
Why don’t you love me?
And why do I keep longing for you?
It is clear you don’t want me.
It is crystal clear
You do not love me;
Yet, my heart is burning for you;
Some little voice in me
Keeps telling me
I will die if I am not yours;
And you mine;
I have done everything to win you
To no avail;
I have cajoled you to love me
Yet, you don’t have my time;
And still, I keep loving you.
Even now as I talk,
My heart burns for you.
I want to forget about you,
But I can’t;
What do I do?
Continue to love you?
And fight to win your heart?
But why?
Why don’t you love me?
Why? When I am dying for you?
I want to know why.

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