An amazing generation

Young people need to be helped to grow. A lot of adults spend time criticizing, blaming and even condemning young people for what they call their irresponsible behavior, but do nothing to help them grow into the responsible, successful persons they are meant to be.

Young people can do amazing things. In fact, many of them are doing awesome things. At one time this blog was known as World Youth Success Inspirer.  We have a dream of helping elping our youth bring out the best in them.

Many of the young people I meet on Success Inspirer’s World amaze me. It’s hard for anyone who is alert to meet a sharp young person and go away the same. They are a source of much of my inspiration.

I feel a little younger and more energized when I meet and interact with young people. Any effort to help them grow ends up enriching me. I grew a little after my chat with 13-year old Apeksha Rai. I felt I could help Apeksha grow by encouraging her. You can also do it; and there are many ways you can do it. Talk to her, share her interview, tweet it, reblog, or recommend it to others.

The first young person I interviewed on this site was Linda. Linda is 25 today. I interviewed her about a year ago; and reading her interview, Strong, confident, assertive … can give you more insight into the world of young people as does that of Apeksha. Boys are not left out. I met a dynamic leader who amazed me and I had a chat with him for my readers. You can meet this young talented leader. What about this young man who became a millionaire at 27? It will be rewarding meeting him. These  are just a few of the great young talents I meet on the web everyday. I do hope to talk to more and more of them for you. It’s good to know what the future holds.

Whether we like it or not, the young shall grow.  Only a foolish person will want to block a young person from growing. Do not block the young. Give them the chance  which is theirs. Encourage them. Advice them. Help them to take responsibility for their lives.

I believe in this generation. I believe in helping them take responsibility for their lives. If you are a young person, do not consider yourself too young to do something great with your life. No one is too young to do something great with their life.

Indeed, Helping the youth grow is our responsibility. I am talking of those of us who are parents or adults. We have to make them know that they are the leaders of tomorrow; the future of the world.

On their part the young people should listen to their parents; and should not wait to start tomorrow. They have to start now. There is no gainsaying that this is an amazing generation.


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  1. “From tiny oak seeds mighty oak trees grow.” This was on a locket I was given at a very young age, it is a great way to look at the world, no matter how small you are you can still make a big impact on the world. Take care, Dolphin xx

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