Do you think I will be discouraged?
I will not;
I have failed to get what I want;
But that is nothing:
I will not be discouraged;
I will start all over;
Because I am bent on winning;
Even if I fail a hundred times,
I will start again;
Until I win.
Only one thing will I accept:

4 thoughts on “Victory

  1. Our daily lives are filled with discouragements. Like you said, you will continue on for victory only victory. Many of us will find victory in death. Victory over this life of discouragement.

  2. It has been a while since I visited your blog – my book project and website/blog has kept me way too busy. However, as I finally just make the time to reconnect – taking a break from the whys and what ifs, the questions of asking am I on the right path – I stumbled upon your post Victory. Thank you; you always seem to have a message that speaks to me just at the right time. Thanks for the post.

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