All will not like you

If you think a time will come
When everybody will like you,
You are mistaken;
At no time in life will everybody like you;
Though all may seem to do so,
Only some will;
Some will not;
Some will be for you
Some will not;
This is a reality of life
We must accept;
A reality of life
We must learn to live with.

13 thoughts on “All will not like you

  1. Let the truth be told, my friend. Of course, if you are looking for everyone to like you, there might be an even deeper problem. Laughing aloud because I spent quite a bit of my younger years waiting for that. When I realized it was not feasible nor reality, I was set free. Thank God, too. Keep sharing because I love reading your posts. They are provocative and really make the reader think seriously about matters.

  2. I have spoken and this subject is so worthy of talking through. I have had to learn to speak my mind. I wasn’t trained to do this, because when I was a child, if I argued with my sister, we were both sent to our rooms. I believe this is a skill. Since adult hood, I have learned to open my Bible daily, and be covered with the Word, which is my armor. If the confrontation still comes, then I have the words to speak back. Many people don’t want to hear what I say. They would rather speak, and walk away. I pray about this also. He who has the Son of God in their life has life. I choose life. Peace covers like a coat from head to toe. Then my prayers can be answered.

  3. I am too peace loving. Yet I know what it is to say my mind, and have contention, strife and aggravation follow me to my car. I don’t want to be un-peaceful, but I do pray over any gatherings of friends. I don’t plan for any more contention and strife to hit me sideways.

  4. This is a good reminder. I am the type who wants good from everyone, and no arguments, or confrontations. Life is not normal. It is extreme, and I have had no arguments for a long stretch of time. Then one day, I had plenty of confrontations. I pray about them when they come. People, places and things…….all have to come to the recognition that I am not a fighter. I won’t fight. I may speak, but I won’t put the dukes, unless backed into a corner. I know how to fight my way. I do it on my knees with God before I have time with people. It works. The peace of God is not hard to walk in, when you submit head to toe. Yes, there will be confrontations, but hopefully, they will be solved, and become as nothing.

  5. This is inspiring. I think the best way to manage such situations that will always arise irrespective of what we do, is to keep the flame alight in those who love you, like you and stand by what you do. Those are the people to count on.

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