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Are there superior and inferior races in the world? Some people say all human beings are born equal. How true is this? Is there equality in this world?

Think of those living in the poorest countries of the world and compare them with those in the richest countries. What can be done to reduce the gap between the people of the world created by extreme riches and extreme poverty?

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6 thoughts on “Daily Chat Forum No 9 Races

  1. Definitely inequality and while I live in a place that is fairly untouched by a great deal of it, I see more and more people every day living on the streets, begging, homeless. It breaks my heart. Do not know what the answer is, but I hope to keep my heart open and do good because none of us knows if and when this could be our own state.

  2. No I don’t think their is equality in the world…..people treat every individual differently…some look at bank balance and some look at colour…I stay in India….nation with diverse culture. So to creat equality here its little difficult.

      • Yes, I stay in Mumbai…..city of celebrities and bussinessmens….they earn in billions every month, they stay in expensive houses and other side I can also see people living in slums who earn in thousands, I can also see beggars who sleep under sky everyday…..most effected person is middlemen….inflation rate is high but income is less….life is not easy for ordinary men.

  3. The GeoPolititical climate of like…the last thousand years; has indefinitely created a world where there is little realistic options in achieving the utopian goal you seek…just sayin’.

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