Don’t hold back or fear to break

Do you know why everybody is not succeeding? Because it is not easy to succeed. Had it been easy, everybody would have succeeded or everyone would have been succeeding. Do not think it is only for you that it is difficult to succeed.

Many people actually fight hard to succeed  but do not; because it is hard. Those who succeed are those who fight very, very  hard. If i talk of very hard, I am deceiving you. I mean very, very hard. They go the extra mile. They do not leave any opportunity unexplored or unexploited.

Are you ready to do this? To go the extra mile? If you are, you have a good chance of succeeding; without which, forget.

I urge you to go the extra mile. If I have said it before, let me reiterate it for emphasis. Push until you get to near breaking point. Let the fear of breaking not hold you back.

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