Thank God for failing

It is good to succeed; and we all want to succeed. Hence, we put in enormous effort to succeed.

Do you know, however, that there are times when failure is better than success? There are times when we can actually thank God for failing.

Some success leads to woeful failure and some failure leads to stunning success. Hence, sometimes it is better to fail than to succeed. Also, failure at times opens the way for better success; and success may also block the way for greater success.

What does this mean?

That if you fail, do not take that to be the end of the road. It can be a stepping-stone to success; an opportunity to succeed more. Also, success can lead to failure. Hence, when you succeed, you have to be careful because it can bring about failure. Success has to be properly managed to prevent it from leading to woeful failure.

Food for thought.

7 thoughts on “Thank God for failing

  1. Success won too easily can make us complacent. We might say “That was easy. Life isn’t so hard after all.” That is when failure is just around the corner.

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