What to do when you face a difficult situation

When you have a word like fork
Whose meaning you do not know,
But you are required
To write about it,
Do not panic; do not worry;
Go straight to your dictionary,
And look up the meaning of fork.
If that does not help,
Look up the synonyms of fork;
If that still does not help;
Look up the antonyms of fork;
You may also see how to use
Fork in a sentence;
If there are people
Who have written about fork;
Be it prose, or poetry
Or even wise thoughts,
Read it;
With all this, you should be able
To write about fork.
This should be the same approach
When you face a difficult situation
In life;
If it looks intimidating,
Don’t mind;
Don’t worry;
Don’t fear.
Take a gradual approach;
Take it from different angles
Step by step;
Before you realize it,
It shall be under control.

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