Daily Chat Forum No 11 Marriage, love and divorce

I read a very thrilling story of how Admira (not her real name) was in love with (Gallant), not his real name. Both were head over heels in love. Then the devil landed from nowhere and separated them. Admira turned her back on  Gallant and embraced Charming (not his real name).

The two were again head over heels in love; and it did not take them long to get married. Their ,marriage was great. They had two kids. Then it stopped functioning. They came to the end of the road.

By some divine providence, Admira met Gallant again and their relationship resumed. It did not take long for them to become husband and wife. It’s many years already. They are still husband and wife; and never has a couple been happier. They believe they came into this world for each other.

How do you find this? There are many things that happen in this world that are hard to understand. Can we chat on this?



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