Fight for your marriage

If you are married, do not take your marriage for granted. You have to fight for it to succeed. Stop apportioning blame to your spouse and not looking at yourself. You have to work hard to help your marriage succeed.

Your success and that of your spouse in life greatly depends on the quality of your marriage. If it is a peaceful, happy marriage and you communicate well and journey together in love, you will achieve many things.

If on the other hand, your marriage is beset by squabbles, and you go in dispersed ranks, never seeing eye to eye, your success will be compromised.

Even the success of your children depends very much on your marriage. With a happy marriage, you make it easier for your children to succeed. This is because you provide an environment of love to them. And in an environment of love, the young ones are better placed to bring out the best in themselves.

If you work for the success of your marriage, you are working for your success, the success of your spouse and the success of your children. Even your community benefits as well.

When you allow your marriage to hit the rocks, you are destroying your own life and many others especially that of your spouse and kids.

You have to fight for a good marriage. This is what is called ‘fair fighting’.  It is the duty of every married person to fight for their marriage; not in negative ways, but in positive ways – doing positive, loving things to help your marriage succeed.

If you are married, take off some time to think about your marriage and what you are contributing to make it succeed. Are you putting the blame for the things that are not working in your marriage on your spouse without looking at your own self. You may be surprised that you are the real problem not your spouse. Look at yourself honestly and fight fairly for your marriage for the success of your family, which means you, your spouse and your kids, not leaving out your community, your country and the world.



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. A lot of people get complacent, I’m guilty as well. You have to fight for your right to be married (not just to party, haha). This is a great reminder!

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