Fail to success

Fail to success?
Fail your way to success.
Fail your way to the top.
Fail your way to where you want to go.
Abraham Lincoln did that.
He failed his way
To the highest office in his land;
Thomas Edison did that.
He failed his way to become
The greatest inventor of his time;
Many have done that.
They have failed their way to their dreams.
Each failure reveals a way that does not work;
And offers the opportunity to try another way;
When you keep trying
Even if you keep failing,
Sooner or later,
You will come to one way that works.
You see the point?
Then you will make it.
This, many have done.
This, you too can do.
Don’t you know some persons
Who failed their way to success?
Who are they?

14 thoughts on “Fail to success

  1. Wow! You asked us to find time and read this piece of yours. Great piece. It’s amazing how these simple words have been put together to carry such GREAT WEIGHT OF WISDOM. Thank you sir! You are a library to we the young ones. Please don’t stop writing, you inspire us. Thank you!

    • Jesus Christ failed to convince many of his people he was the Messiah; and so they nailed him on the cross and killed him. That did not stop him from being the greatest man who ever lived; remembered and honored two thousand years after he was crucified on the cross. He was rejected by the same people he took human skin for; the same people he was ready to die for. Yet he went on to sacrifice his life for them. From that day the word rejection ought to have a new, positive meaning to us. We may be rejected by humans so that we give ourselves completely to God.

  2. Happy greetings,
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for being here!

    “Fail to success” touches on a Great truth.
    This truth is in nature and thus is in each of us.
    See it in all infants as their efforts to stand, and then to walk fail until their success.
    The crawling infants have a lot to teach us.

    We are looking to end the Drone Wars:

    Be joyful and be well. ~Ron

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