Nothing we cannot do without

There is nothing we cannot do without;
Be it money or belongings;
There is nothing we cannot do without;
Be it husband or wife;
There is nothing we cannot do without;
Be it position or power;
There is nothing we cannot do without
Be it children or parents;
There may be things that look like we
Can’t do without;
But in reality,
There is nothing we cannot do without.

A sweet blogger, Sharmishtha Basu who is also a prolific writer inspired me through a comment on my site to write this post. Thank you Sharmishtha. You mean so much to me. You like to meet Sharmishtha? I recommend it. Go to…

7 thoughts on “Nothing we cannot do without

    • You have been so fast to see this. It means you are on your computer at this moment as I am. Can you tell me about your environment at this moment? What time is it? How are you dressed? Who are those around you. Just for fun. The time here is 7 a.m. Many people have been up for one hour. As I type this I am listening to radio.

    • Thank you Sharmishtha! Your response shows you are definitely on your computer right now; like me. What time is there over at yours? I have been up for three hours. Its 7.30 am. Many people here get up at 6 am. Tell me about your environment – your home, the people around you at this moment; and what is going on. Is it morning or afternoon?

      • sorry I missed your question, my internet crashed, when I returned after half an hour I absolutely missed your questions! I was grumbling for the wasted time!

          • I can visualize a beautiful woman, very fair in complexion, sitting at her computer, and reading this with a charming smile on her face. She is a prolific writer, making her way to the topmost rung in the literary world.

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