Solidarity Support Challenge day 84

Dear loving friends, greetings as we start a new week. I believe you are aware that a completely new round of this challenge kicks off on Wednesday June 1, 2016. It shall be very exiting. Don’t forget to register. There are a number of participants for the current session we have not been able to list because the blog links they gave are not active. We are sorry about that. You will understand that we owe the other participants the duty of making sure the links are correct and active because we value their time. Please, for those who are interested in continuing, make sure you give the correct link for easy assess to your blog.

Tomorrow we shall publish the list of those who have registered to participate in this upcoming round. That publication will close registration. Anyone interested in participating has between now and tomorrow midnight to do so. You may register here:


Here are our blogs and bloggers for today:

59. Shivangi.

60. Alheri

Happy blogging!

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