The formula for success

Do you know the formula for success?
Tell me!
Share with me!
What is the formula for success?
Tell me that I may use it and succeed.
I ardently want to make it.
Please, tell me.

17 thoughts on “The formula for success

  1. I get this question often. There is no standardized formula for success, there are rather tools you can use to fashion out your path to success that might be unique to you. Success is like a painting, while artists might use the same set of tools and paint, the finished product will not be the same even if they were doing the same portrait. The stroke of their brush on the canvas will never be the same, some might pally little pressure while others do it lightly. They will hardly apply the same lighting effects and so on.

    You may equally look at success as a pot of soup. Different cooks might use the same ingredients but when served, the soup tastes differently.

    You have to give a unique touch to your journey to success because you are different and only you can do it. If you focus on knowing the right tools and the right frame of mind to have on your journey, then you can get to the same destination as many others using a different path.

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