What is in your tongue?

What is in your tongue
Sweet wife,
That I never get tired of listening to you?
If you talk from morning till night
I will keep on listening;
I never get tired of hearing your voice;
It’s in my ears
Like nectar in my mouth.

6 thoughts on “What is in your tongue?

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  2. You rascal with the romantic heart! You’re a lucky man, your wife is a lucky woman.

    I was just thinking of a couple lines from Proverbs, but they just don’t come into focus, something about a man sitting on the edge of his house roof, and one about a woman could be compared to a dripping faucet. I better go back and do my homework, before I write my wife a poem. Bless you and your blog.

  3. Poetry any woman would stand in the rain, wait on the hilltops, sit in traffic to hear from her beloved. She is lucky to have your words of promise and devotion.

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