Your spouse is equally sweet

My spouse looks sweet to you;
I see;
You are right;
That sweetie is such a pearl;
But don’t you know?
Yours is equally sweet;
Much sweeter than you think;
Your spouse is such a pearl as well;
It’s that the grass always looks greener
A cross the fence;
You spouse is such a sweet soul;
You are sitting on your gold mine;
Anguishing in poverty;
You are licking oil behind the bottle;
The oil is inside, my friend;
That spouse whom the Lord has given you
Is your greatest gift from heaven;
Enjoy it it;
Don’t taste and leave;
Enjoy it to the full;
But of one thing be aware;
A farm will not produce
If allowed to grow into a bush;
Care for it;
Fan the flame;
Nurture the crops;
Then you will enjoy the harvest.

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