Confidence and courage

If you have confidence and courage, you are fine. You can do many things that you would otherwise not do.

What usually holds people down is fear and self-doubt. Kick them out of your life and you kick failure out of your life. Give them a seat and you find yourself wining and dining with failure.

Are you ready to kick fear and self-doubt out of your life? Will you embrace courage and self-confidence?

The secret of doing this is to resolve to give a deaf ear to these feelings when they come knocking. When fear knocks on your door, refuse to open. Same too goes for self-doubt. Open to courage and self-confidence. Even go looking for them if they don’t come to you.

Courage and self-confidence – a great key to success.

6 thoughts on “Confidence and courage

  1. Great article. Short and sweet, and straight to the point. I think a lot of people would benefit from reading this. Have a read of my latest post: ‘Self-Efficacy: Turning Doubt Into Drive’, let me know what you think 🙂

  2. Sometimes having the challenge dropped in your lap with no choice but to move forward your attitude changes from fear of the unknown to determination to succeed.

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