Week End Writing Trigger No 4 Encourgement

You may have many topics to write on this week End; but there is one I want you not to fail to write on: encouragement. If you have any story of what encouragement has done for you or another, it can be a good thing to share it.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe says,”Instruction does much but encouragement everything.” Tell me what these words by Ed Sheeran mean to you: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”
John Maxwell, a great writer, holds that encouragement is capable of changing anyone who receives it.

This week-End, I encourage you to write about encouragement. It could be an article, a poem, a quote; you may comment on a favorite quote on encouragement; you may tell the story of someone who was transformed by encouragement or your own story of when encouragement from a friend, a parent, brother or sister or teacher made a difference in your life.

If you finish, forward the link to me. I will first read it and then encourage others to read it.

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