A break through is possible

Do you know the story of anybody who was finding it very hard in life, never seeing any sign of light at the end of the tunnel then all of a sudden, things changed and as if the gate of heaven had opened there was a downpour of blessings on him?

This happens; and is what is called a breakthrough. My wish for all those who are finding it hard in life at this moment is that they may have this break through.

There are, indeed, very many people around the world now who are not having it easy, but who will have a wonderful breakthrough sooner or later. If you are not having what your heart desires, my wish is that you may have a breakthrough soon.

However, do not sit and wait for a breakthrough to come on its own. You must work for your breakthrough. Work hard and do not stop working hard until you have achieved your breakthrough.

12 thoughts on “A break through is possible

  1. Thanks Sir for reassuring. My Husband and I both are working hard to experience the breakthrough but I pray God to guide us in the path so that we don’t divert.

  2. When a breakthrough comes, you may not recognize it at first. I was at another church than my own. We were in the midst of a three week Revival. When it hit, I didn’t know it. The speaker had to tell me, “We are in the midst of the revival you , and we have been praying for.”
    There was excitement, laughter, and noise in the room. I was perplexed only for a moment. Once the minister said this, I could shout in victory also. Breakthrough had come!

    • Odd how one remembers things that took time to come. The revival didn’t suddenly happen. This congregation had been praying, and fasting for some time. God heard their prayers. He heard mine also. I was praying for four churches, and eventually, the other churches did have their own revival. God chooses to bless, and revival is actually a choice we have. Is the church going to live or die? I saw the churches that I visited. They looked good, but I knew God was asking me to pray for revival. I did.

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