Seek a transformation

I know a fellow who could hardly speak
When he first arrived Mideville school;
But by the end of the first year,
He was the most eloquent in school;
What a transformation;
Dwell not on where you are at the start;
Dwell on how to effect your transformation;
Move from where you are to where you
Are meant to be;
Remain not in your comfort zone;
At all times seek a transformation.

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7 thoughts on “Seek a transformation

    • I knew today what the task is, and I have started doing what I need to do. God is with me, and I already have had some significant changes happen. I have confidence in praying for a man who goes in tomorrow for surgery. We don’t know what the results will be, but we pray anyway. He is scheduled for amputation. We are asking for change to come, and that he not have to go through this.
      Once an elderly lady had a huge stone in her kidney. Ed felt compassion for her, because in her nineties she would be undergoing the removal of the kidney stone. It was too big to pass. Well, several prayed, and Ed and I were among the several. I didn’t know her, Ed had just met her, but the concern was there and it continued until we finished praying. The next morning Ed went to see her before the operation. He couldn’t find her. She had gone home because the stone was not there. God answers our prayers. We gave him great praise all day.

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