Winner, fight on

“See Hilary laughing from jaw to jaw;
Who did not see this moment coming?
Do you remember what I told you
in June 2015 about Hillary?
I know what I told you in 2013;
And when Benghazi bullets came on her;
In anticipation, I said ‘Bravo America!’
If I tell you I understand
Why Mr. Sanders and his men
Did not see this coming,
I am lying;
Sanders is strong, no doubt;
But politics is politics;
I have the same worry
About Mr. Trump;
I really can’t understand why he’s holding fast?
How doesn’t he see he is fighting
A battle that he’s already lost?
I told you to keep that disaster away;
True that no one knows tomorrow;
And Trump’s a strong man;
But the writing is so clear on the wall;
A huge rock bars his route;
If he continues to dash headlong;
He may shatter his skull;
Yes; man must try;
And never give up;
But wisdom also calls;
Know when to stay;
And when to quit;
For sure, a football match takes two teams;
And it must go full time;
But when a down pour makes it hard
To see the ball
It’s senseless to continue to play.
So losers, quit!
Hillary the winner, fight on!
Victory is right ahead.

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