Rocky and steep road

There lay my golden crown;
High up on the mountain top;
There, it safely lodged;
Far, far away;
And very hard to reach.
It glittered,
Smiling at me;
That I might come;
“Come, come to me;” it softly said;
Come claim me;
“I am your golden crown.”
Yet, how was I to get there?
The road was rocky and steep;
When I glanced at it glittering
So brightly,
My heart sank;
For I knew not by what magic
I would get to such a high mountain top;
And claim such a precious crown.
Then as I worried, doubted and feared,
I recalled what I had been taught;
To be strong, determined,
Courageous and never give up;
I have never forgotten such a lofty gift;
Those thoughts re-energized me;
And with faith and enthusiasm,
I plunged in;
To my joy, it did not take long;
I emerged victorious;
Finding myself at the mountain top,
And there I claimed my golden crown.
A similar path I recommend to you;
Your golden crown awaits you;
Get up and to the mountain top;
And claim your golden crown.
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