I lost my wife because I Killed a cockroach

When Landro told me killing a cockroach led to his divorce with his wife, I hardly believed him; but it turned out to be true. I asked him to tell me what actually happened. Listen to him:

“I killed a cockroach and it earned me a divorce. My spouse didn’t want to see a cockroach killed especially when someone crushed it with the foot. She always told me the sound it made and the white liquid that came out was too much for her. I never took her serious and never spared any opportunity to kill a cockroach in a way that it would make the loudest noise and eject all the white liquid it was carrying in its body.

‘Then came a bad day. I did just what I had done hundreds of times caring little about how she felt. But this time was different from all the other times. The difference was she refused to take it. As soon as I did it, she gave me a punch on the jaw and before I realized what was going on a second and a third came. Unable to take it, I punched back. We had a good fight. It was after that fight that she decided our romance had come to an end.

‘At first I thought it was only anger; and that the incident would soon be nothing but history. It was not. It grew bigger and bigger and ended in divorce after thirty-six years in marriage.

‘I was at fault. I pleaded with her to forgive me. She was adamant. She said enough was enough; that she had swallowed it for thirty six years and could no longer do.

Our two children were traumatized; but there was nothing they could do. There was nothing anybody could do. Her decision was final. It’s two year since it happened.”


18 thoughts on “I lost my wife because I Killed a cockroach

  1. The marriage didn’t break up because he killed a cockroach. They probably hand many concurrent running issues and the cockroach incident just brought everything to the service. After 36 years and she wants to walk, then he should let her go….

      • I believe a marriage goes through many bumps in order to have unity. I believe this length of time has many memories, but the man was stubborn. She didn’t like for him to kill the cockroaches with his foot. I misread , but I was interested. I have never heard of someone making a big deal over the way one kills a roach. They can be huge. In one of the foreign countries I was in, the cockroaches were huge. They may not have been cockroaches! This is more reason to say Ephesians 2:8-9 are special. It is by God’s grace that I have been married as long as I have. It hasn’t always been rosy, but we got over the fighting and we walk in more peace now.

          • I believe we are as strong as our daily pattern it. When we are weak, He is strong. When we walk away, God sees us in the darkness. I walked away, and came back. I was bitter because my prayers were not getting answered. I walked in the darkness. Then by a miracle, I came back to Him, and it wasn’t easy. It was Ephesians 2:8,9.

      • I agree, so now I understand your message.
        I know two coupes that have been together for 49 years. Yes, they are couples who are together for life out there

  2. My cousin divorced with her spouse cause her spouse hated the sound of a shattered glass or bowl or something beyond those lines. She only did it once after marrying him 5 months. He divorced her due to that. But in his case scenerio, 36 yrs of endurement from his wife is very much a lot .. to take in consideration of her patience.

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