Daily Chat Forum no 28 Compatibility and incompatibility in relationship

Some couples are compatible; others are incompatible. What are some of the things that bring about compatibility or incompatibility?
What measures can one take to ensure that the person one takes as friend, business partner or spouse is compatible?
What will you do if you find the person with whom you are in relationship or to whom you are married is incompatible?

One thought on “Daily Chat Forum no 28 Compatibility and incompatibility in relationship

  1. This is such an interesting topic for me, personally I feel what a lot of it boils down to is having the same vision for where you’re heading as a couple. e.g. do you both want the same things in the LONGER term as well as the here and now? I believe that cracks start to show, or compatibility may become an issue when there’s push and pull- one person wants one thing while the other does not buy into it. Or you both simply can’t compromise and find some kind of middle ground. Common interests and general personality bonding are important of course, but bottom line a lot of compatibility boils down 1. you’re a team working towards and wanting the same thing 2. one of you is prepared to support the other in what he/she wants, if what your partner wants is not something you wish to work towards.

    Forget looks and being attracted to someone , compatibility does not always depend on this, you can bond with anyone! If you BOTH have the same vision or willing to be supportive towards your partner’s vision. If you think about it this way when seeking a partner , you could be more likely to end up with hopefully Mr or Mrs Right….. well that’s what I’ve learned .

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