Who holds your destiny?

I have always known this to be true;
People are gold;
And hold your destiny in their hands;
When I say people are gold,
I mean to say people are very important;
People are precious creatures;
You are a precious creature;
Of course, people are the greatest
Of what God created and put on earth;
We were created with powers
To control the rest of creation;
We have been given authority
To command the world;
Not according to our own laws;
But according to the laws made
By the Creator himself;
We are meant to follow His laws
And reign over creation;
Thus, it is right to say
People are gold;
And if
People are gold;
They are precious;
What is precious is valued;
And what is valued has to be well taken care of;
Do you value people?
Do you take good care of people?
Do you value the people God has put in your life?
Never forget your destiny is not in your hands
Your destiny is in your hands
And the hands of others;
They will help you get what you want;
If only you help them get what they want.
If God controls your destiny,
He does so through you
And through others;
That is why I say
People are gold;
And hold your destiny in their hands.

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