How far can this go?

How creative are you?

Below is a story. You can own it if you like. Read it and see if you can take it forward. See how far it can go. Just an adventure. To continue the story, you may copy and take to your site. Add your own lines or paragraphs to it. You may change the names. The story will then become yours. Post the link here so other participants can enjoy your creativity. Use these words to post: Dear friends, I am done with “How Far Can This Go?” Here is the link…

If you do not like this adventure, just add your own lines to the story in the comment box or simply comment on the activity. Here we go:

Mazi’s heart skipped when she set eyes on him.He was a new arrival in the neighborhood. She had never seen him before; and never set eyes on such handsomeness.

Her heart started beating fast. At once she desired him.
“I want him,” She heard herself saying.”I can’t let him go.”
Her desire for him only kept growing.

Yoki could not guess what was going on in Mazi’s mind. Moreover, he was not interested in girls. His parents had warned him when he was leaving for school that he was not going for girls but for studies. Thus he was aware of what lay ahead for him; but hardly did he know it would come so soon.


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