2013 prediction about Hillary Clinton

Will what I predicted about Hillary Clinton on 29 January 2013 come true or not? See what I said:will Hillary Clinton run in 2016? Did I see it on January 30, 2013? See for yourself in U.S.2016:the secret Agenda. In 2015, I had a dream for Hillary Clinton in a post titled My dream for Clinton.Presentation1
In April 2016, in anticipation of the historical happening in the United States, I warmly congratulated the American people in Bravo America. I dared to launch a two millions likes support for Hillary Clinton.
At one point I made it clear Trump must be stopped. When Trump started going up on the Republican side, some people were excited. Others were worried. I joined the worried. I did not understand America anymore: I saw a Mr. Trump raised so high just to be dumped so low.The way forward for America is very clear. Mr. Trump will definitely not embarrass the American people with a Trump presidency. This will prove to the world that irresponsible people in America are a minority.

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