A surpassing power

Such moments,
We all do wish they
Don’t come;
Such moments
When sadness grips us
Head and toes;
Such moments
When a loved one lifeless does lie;
Yet, come, they always do;
And however loudly we may cry,
Not even a single thing will change;
So dear to us is the lifeless one,
And things would be better
With them around;
But when the time does come,
The time has come;
When the bell does go,
The bell is gone;
And that is where our power
Falls short;
We may boast and talk so loud;
And say no God there is anywhere;
But when that moment he decides
Should come,
Lifeless we’re bound to lie;
And nothing anyone can do
Will change in that.
Believe or refuse to believe;
There’s a surpassing power
We all must fear;
I call him God;
What of you?


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