Daily Chat Forum No 36 betrayal

I read this incredible story somewhere. Read it:

Arima was living with her elder sister Rikka and going to school. Her elder sister was married to a man called Tayeka.They lived happily together. Arima was a little girl of 18 and her elder sister was taking very good care of her. She wanted her to grow into a successful, happy woman so she spoiled her with luxury.

One day, something no one had expected happened. Arima fell in love with Tayeka, her elder sister’s husband. It started as a joke. Then the love grew like wildfire.

Behind Rikku’s back, for two years, Arima and Tayeka were mad in love. When their love got to a climax, they decided to become husband and wife; but Arima could not imagine herself coming in as a second wife and sharing her sweetheart with her sister. She wanted him all for herself. So she took her decision – to kill her sister and marry the man. Tayeka favored the plan. All measures were taken. A careful plan was mounted.

The innocent Rikka did not for any one moment suspect that her darling husband and sister, the two people she loved the most, were planning to kill her for her sister to take her place as her husband’s wife. She was unaware of the intrigues of the world. Every measure was taken for the plan not to fail and for no one ever to suspect them; but it failed. They were exposed. Rikka could not believe what she discovered; what had been going on for over two years between her darling husband and her darling sister.

How do you see the three characters in the story? What do you think of the story?


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