Tongue power

Do you know how much power
Your tongue has?
There is power in the tongue;
Power to build and power to destroy;
Power to please and power to hurt;
Power to win and power to lose;
Power to lift you to the sky;
Power to push you into a gutter;
Power to appreciate;
Power to condemn;
Appreciate the tongue;
And use it well;
Beware of the tongue;
Let it not destroy you;
It can destroy your marriage;
It can ruin your business;
It can ruin your life.

3 thoughts on “Tongue power

  1. Your poem is a warning to all of us. I believe in praying , singing to the Lord, and trying to stay in the Power of the Lord. I believe negative, hurtful comments are intended to throw me off course, but I get up, brush myself off, and keep walking with my LORD. It isn’t religious. It is by faith.

    • Actually in an hour from writing this response, we’ll be giving a talk to couples titled ‘Your tongue can destroy your marriage. Mind how you use it. Ahead of it I decided to share this poem. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • I just came by to see what happened with my responses to writings. I’m glad I was reminded about what we say. I have chosen to be quieter, and when this happens I think. At times I think I will have to speak to someone, but then the Lord dissolves it. The argument, or words I had to say were not needed.

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